Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Waterloo STEP™ program and its products? We have the answers (and there won't be a quiz afterwards!).

How do I find out detailed product specifications, get a price quote and make a purchase?
Contact your Waterloo STEP Program sales manager, complete a registration form, or call 800-833-8851.

Do you offer financing?
Yes! Contact your Waterloo STEP program sales manager for information. You may also purchase STEP program products via credit card, check, or money order. Payment is required at the time of order placement.

Do you offer student discounts?
Absolutely! That's what we're all about! Waterloo STEP products are offered at a generous discount for actively enrolled students, instructors and schools. Contact us for specific pricing.

Who qualifies for the program?
Students who are currently enrolled in an approved technical education program that require tools and tool storage, instructors who teach approved technical education classes, and schools and colleges that offer technical education programs are eligible for the Waterloo STEP Program.

Can I buy STEP program products as gifts?
No, due to the generous discounts, products purchased through the Waterloo STEP program must be for student or school use and cannot be used for resale, gifts, or other unrelated use.

How do I find specifications about Waterloo STEP program products?
Contact your Waterloo STEP sales manager for product information and pricing.

Where do you find the model number of each tool storage product?
A white label is located in the upper right-hand drawer of each storage product with the model number, along with a phone number to contact.

What is the warranty period?
Waterloo STEP products are covered under various warranties, depending on the brand and product category. All warranty claims should start with Waterloo Industries, but we may need to transfer you to one of our partners to process the warranty. Visit our warranty page for additional information.

How do I make a warranty claim?
Contact us at 800-833-8851 or​, with a model number, description of the product, description of the defect, proof of original purchase, and your name, address, area code and telephone number. Waterloo may request photos identifying the product and showing the defect to qualify for return authorization. Waterloo Industries may redirect certain warranty claims to other companies, depending on the manufacturer.

Can I order replacement parts, locks and keys for tool storage products directly?
Yes, in most cases replacement parts such as locks, keys or drawer slides can be ordered through our Replacement Parts department. You can reach them at 800-833-4405 or for more information.