Waterloo STEP™ Program Details and Terms for Tech Ed Students

STEP™ Program Terms

How does the Waterloo STEP Program work?

Participation in the Waterloo STEP Program is simple and rewarding.


Waterloo STEP products are offered at a substantial discount for enrolled students, instructors and schools. Contact your sales manager for specific pricing.

Who Qualifies?

  • Students who are currently enrolled in an approved technical education program that requires tools and tool storage systems. Purchases must be made before the graduation date.
  • Instructors who teach approved technical education classes.
  • Schools and colleges that offer technical education programs.

How to Buy

Complete a registration form, contact your sales manager, call 800-833-8851, or email customerservice@waterlooindustries.com​ to enroll in the STEP Program.

Payment and Financing

Financing with affordable payments is available through your sales manager. Waterloo also accepts payment via credit card, check, or money order. Payment is required at the time the order is placed.


Shipping is free in the 48 contiguous US states. Shipping fees will be calculated to locations outside of that area.

Use of Product

Due to generous discounts, products purchased through the Waterloo STEP Program must be for student or school use and cannot be used for resale, gifts, or other unrelated use.

Purchase Volume and Frequency

There is no minimum or maximum purchase for STEP Program participants. Participants can make multiple purchases during eligibility, as long as the product meets the Use of Product guidelines.


Warranty will vary by product line and may be handled by various suppliers. Please contact Waterloo Industries customer support at 800-833-8851 or customerservice@waterlooindustries.com​ with warranty claims or issues with shipping.

More Information

Building trades student and instructor

Students qualify for discounts throughout their enrollment in technical school.